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Cardiology translations are an essential component for medical localization with patient-centric solutions becoming prevalent across the globe. The demand for software application interfaces and other digital content used to monitor heart rates has increased to meet patient-centric solutions and share them across languages. To access foreign markets, equipment such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and infusion pumps must be translated and localized.

CSOFT Health Sciences provides translation and localization solutions to help gain access to full range of markets through our global team of 10,000+ in-country linguists and subject matter experts. We provide translations for a full range of content, documents, and materials for medical professionals in the cardiology field, including:

  • Cardiac Monitors Translations
  • Defibrillators Translations
  • Infusion Pumps Translations
  • Patient Medical Record Translations
  • Informed Consent Form Translations
  • Diagnostic Records Translations
  • Stress Assessment Translations
  • Exercise Assessment Translations
  • Electrocardiogram Translations
  • Echocardiogram Translations
  • Cardiac Catheterization Translations

From clinical cardiology studies to examination with patients, CSOFT’s translation and interpreting support in 250+ languages allow healthcare and research organizations, practices, and government services deliver cardiological solutions across the world.

Cardiology Translations: Localizing a Complicated Field for Understanding Across Languages

Cardiology is a life science field that focuses on treating conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels. Common examples of diseases and issues in cardiology include:

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
  • Heart Attack
  • Vascular Disease
  • Pericardial Disease
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Stroke
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm (Arrythmias)

Since cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide, highly precise translation and localization is vital to enhance accessibility, advocacy, and R&D in cardiology globally. Without accurate and professional translation and localization of research materials and drug therapies or medical devices, people affected with CVDs may not be able to participate in research that can lead to treatment breakthroughs or receive life-saving or quality-of-life enhancing drugs or medical devices. With a global network of 10,000 linguists and subject matter experts, CSOFT provides the highest-quality and accurate medical communication solutions in 250+ languages to help life science companies enhance global research collaboration and medical device and treatment access for patients suffering from CVD.

Medical Research Documentation Translation

As the demand for cardiovascular therapeutics and medical devices grows overseas, many types of medical research, such as clinical trials, are increasingly conducted in regions where English is not the primary language. To effectively conduct medical research in an increasingly global environment, life science companies, hospitals, laboratories, and CROs must have highly accurate and timely translations for medical research documents such as informed consent forms. With a global network of 10,000 linguists and subject matter experts, COSFT provides high-quality and technically accurate multilingual translation solutions for medical research documentation in cardiology across 250+ languages, from patient information sheets and research protocols to phase 0-IV clinical trial documentation and IEB/IRB documentation such as AEs/Ars/SAEs/SUSARs

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Medical Device Translation

In cardiology, medical devices, such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD), ventricular assist devices (VADs), biventricular pacemakers, pacemakers, implantable cardiac loop recorders, automated external defibrillators (AED), and stents are used to treat a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases. For medical device manufacturers to be competitive in foreign markets and prevent unnecessary patient deaths, medical device documentation such as instructions for use (IFU) and package inserts and labels must be translated accurately and with fast turnaround times. With a global network of 10,000 in-country linguists and subject matter experts (SMEs), CSOFT can provide medical device manufacturers with highly accurate and timely medical device translation services.

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Full Translation Coverage for Substantial Range of Therapeutic Areas

As well as cardiology translations, CSOFT’s medical translation and localization coverage extends across a full range of clients, therapeutic areas, and treatment settings. Whether you are a hospital looking for medical communication support in a related area such as genetic disease translation, obstetrics translation, immunology translation, pulmonology translation, substance abuse translation, men’s health translation, or women’s health translation, or a research organization recruiting patients for clinical trials, CSOFT’s end-to-end localization support covers an extensive range of conditions and therapies across disciplines.

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ISO-certified Academic Translations

Data Security

CSOFT has meticulously documented and fully traceable information security policies, checklists, and quality records. We understand the importance of security to our clients, which is why we take the upmost care in protecting patients’ confidentiality, as well as businesses’ data. All our data and security processes are certified with ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and  ISO 17100:2015, and leverage best practices from ISO 27001.

Learn more about how CSOFT protects companies’ data.

Quality Assurance

High-quality translation is extremely important in the life sciences, and inaccurate translation along the way can not only result in wasted time, money, and effort, but also affect patients’ lives. CSOFT understands the importance of accurate translation, which is why we have developed a process for quality assurance specific to the life sciences, which includes linguistic validation, to ensure that any project meets quality standards in a timely and cost effective manner. To do so, we use in-country linguists with a minimum of 7 years of experience, combined with our extensive network of subject matter experts and advanced language technology. In addition, we have perfected our localization best practices through back translation and terminology management to help you reach patients globally, in over 250 languages. To further ensure the highest-quality technical translation solutions, CSOFT’s proven expertise is backed by our ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system.

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High Quality Academic Translations


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