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Technical content presents some of the highest demands for localization in terms of accuracy and consistency, making the right linguists, translation tools, and methodologies essential to ensuring high-quality translations. This is especially important for life science businesses, as any technical errors in translation could negatively impact market access, or worse, endanger patient safety. Powered by our global network of 10,000+ in-country linguists and subject matter experts in over 250 languages, CSOFT provides technical translation for a full range of documents and file types, including:

Certified Technical Translations

Technical documentation and other forms of technical content is often subject to high levels of scrutiny to ensure the accuracy and validity of its subject matter. Across industries, certification may be necessary in some cases to satisfy official entities or other stakeholders in the quality and accuracy of technical translations.

For companies with stringent requirements for technical translation, CSOFT’s certified translators and subject matter experts can work to ensure the total accuracy and consistency of their technical content, delivering multilingual documents with the backing of a credible certification. Learn more.

The Linguists We Hire

Across industries, CSOFT emphasizes the importance of having professional, in-country translators to capture the subtle nuances of a language that can only be appreciated by those living within the culture. As a knowledge industry, this is crucial for the life sciences; in-depth understanding of initialisms, terminology, and conceptual understanding of complex subject matter is required for the highest-quality and most accurate translation. We use only professional translators with a passion for linguistic excellence, helping ensure superior quality and efficiency for every project we deliver.

CSOFT has a well-defined process for qualifying our translators, employing a multifaceted rubric to evaluate their technical accuracy, linguistic style, command of grammar, glossary management ability, knowledge of document tags, and proficiency with TM (translation memory) tools. We not only require our linguists to have a minimum of seven years’ professional translation experience, but also recruit only those with in-depth subject matter expertise and in-field experience.

In addition, we require that our technical translators also excel at technical writing in their target languages, as sound technical writing principles are essential to avoiding the “stiffness” associated with amateur translations.

Learn more about the linguists we hire.

Advanced Language Technology

Another important skill we look for from our translators is the ability to work with CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools for improved translation efficiency and consistency. Our use of the latest translation and content management technologies extends to every stage of the localization process, with particular emphasis on translation memory and terminology management.

Learn more about our language technology.

Quality Assurance

Accurate technical translation solutions are critical for any life science company’s success when expanding into global markets. To ensure the highest-quality translation, CSOFT has perfected our localization best practices and processes to meet the needs of our clients. Doing so also guarantees that expert, tailored translation solutions are also completed as quickly as possible at the best ROI.

Our standard process begins with initial translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP) by a team of in-country linguists, followed by a linguistic review by a second in-country team, ensuring an unbiased evaluation. Any linguistic edits are sent back to the initial translation team for implementation. For larger projects, the project manager sends samples of completed translations to the client reviewer (SMEs) for advanced validation. By performing initial client review early in the project cycle, we can catch linguistic issues and preferences immediately for the greatest efficiency. Furthermore, CSOFT’s proven expertise in high-quality technical translation for the life sciences industry is backed by our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system.

Learn more about our quality assurance process.


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