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Chemical Translation Solutions for All Industries

In the life sciences, chemical translations are an integral part of expanding into international markets. The global industrial chemical supply chain includes pharmaceutical chemicals for the drug development process, agriculture chemical production, material science and engineering, cosmetic chemical production, and the petrochemical industry. All facets of the chemical industry require professional translation of all associated documentation including:

With a large network of over 10,000 in-country linguists and subject matter experts, CSOFT provides the highest-quality and technically accurate translation solutions for companies in the global chemical industrial supply chain. Our expert linguists, in combination with our advanced translation technology, are able to seamlessly translate chemical specific terminology and phrases as well as International Chemical Identifier codes. Through our localization best practices, we ensure timely and professional translation solutions for the best ROI.

Petrochemical Translation

The petrochemical industry is a large part of the chemical supply production chain that deals with the production of chemical products like ethylene, propylene, and benzene through refining petroleum. As a global industry that affects most populations all over the world, the need for accurately translated documentation like technical manual translations and eLearning and training programs are necessary for success of the petrochemical industry.

CSOFT specializes in petrochemical translations, including:

  • Catalytic reforming guides
  • Fluid catalytic cracking training
  • Catalytic reforming technique
  • Olefin production manuals
  • Aromatics manufacturing process
  • Methane and methanol documentation
  • Multilingual natural gas processing plants SOPs
  • Steam cracking eLearning
  • Synthesis gas packaging

Materials Science Translation Solutions

Material science is a complex industry, combining physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering to design and discover new materials to solve problems associated with manufacturing and major engineering fields like nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology, energy, and more. Through understanding the compositional structure of materials, engineers are able to understand why sometimes they fail, as well as improve already existing technologies like better gas mileage, faster computers, etc. Biomaterials is also a large part of material science sector for life science businesses, including dental applications, surgical procedures  like organ transplant or grafting, as well as drug delivery.

CSOFT provides high-quality translation solutions for life science businesses involved in material science engineering. Utilizing our in-country linguists and engineering experts, we ensure technically accurate and timely multilingual communication solutions for a variety of materials including testing software, materials technology patents, and product user manuals.

Plastics Manufacturing Translations

Plastics manufacturing is a huge sector of the chemical supply chain. From consumer products and artwork to medical devices and tools, plastic is more than useful; it’s an affordable and integral material for people all over the world. With the plastic manufacturing process utilizing countless polymer structures, each with their own respective documentation, high-quality and technically accurate translation is crucial to ensure the safety and efficacy of each project.

As an ISO certified company, CSOFT ensures that not only our translations high-quality, but also that they meet the rigorous regulatory requirements of global submissions. We have extensive experience translation multilingual plastic manufacturing documents, including plastics software, equipment manuals, as well as eLearning courses.

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Life Science Chemicals Translation Solutions

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies utilize a variety of chemicals and active ingredients in the drug development process to create lifesaving and life-enhancing medications . As part of this highly regulated industry, technical documents like safety guidelines and regulatory submission documents are crucial for market access and product success. With an increasingly large amount of clinical trials are being conducted overseas, the need for greater cross-border collaboration across different cultures and languages is critical in advancing the global healthcare ecosystem.

Here at CSOFT, we understand the importance of fast and accurate translations when working with drug development companies. Delays in prescription drugs entering the market can mean life or death for patients. That is why we have developed our experienced translation best practices, ensuring the highest-quality translation that is both cost-effective with a quick turnaround time.

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Agricultural Chemicals Translations

From fertilizer to insecticides to gasoline for machinery, the agriculture industry relies heavily on chemicals to support and grow business. As a constantly evolving industry, the need for quick and reliable translation when exporting and importing agricultural products is extremely important for success in global markets.

CSOFT provides high-quality chemical translation solutions for agriculture companies including agrochemical enterprise recourse planning (ERP), quality management software applications and websites in over 250 languages.

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Technical Translation Solutions for Chemical Engineering

For chemical engineering businesses  expanding into international markets, the need for professional translation of standard operation procedures (SOPs), equipment software, hazard assessments, user manuals, and other technical documentation is critical for success.

CSOFT’s professional linguists, which have a minimum of 7 years of experience, work closely with our chemical engineering experts and lab technicians to ensure that in every step of the chemical engineering process translations are accurate and of the highest-quality. In addition, we utilize our advance translation technology for a faster turnaround time that is cost-effective for chemical engineering companies in over 250 languages.


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