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Medical Communications and Medical Media in Patient Recruitment in Patient Engagement

Medical communications and medical media are driving forces behind some of the most significant advances in patient recruitment and patient engagement in the current clinical trial landscape. CSOFT’s newest white paper explores the impact for localization services.

Clinical Trial Corner: The Russia-Ukraine War’s Impact on Global Industry Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Corner is a biweekly series from Dr. Vladimir Misik, founder of LongTaal and CSOFT’s VP of Global Clinical Strategy. Our first installment explores how trials are shifting to and from two sides of a region impacted by conflict.

Pharmaceutical Translations and Localization Solutions

CSOFT’s global network of more than 10,000 in-country linguists and subject matter experts (SMEs) provides the highest-quality pharmaceutical translation services for all stages of the medication lifecycle in 250+ languages, from CTD/eCTD submission and phase 0-IV to clinical trial documentation to pharmacovigilance reports and medico-marketing materials.

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Helping You Globalize the Right Way

CSOFT’s experienced and dedicated global regulatory submission specialists help companies comply with these demanding multilingual documentation requirements for submissions while providing the highest linguistic quality

We can help you attain the appropriate, accurate, and sustainable compliance required throughout the entire submission process. We ensure our clients receive the necessary certifications to successfully enter emerging markets.

Medical Translation with a Focus on Precision

Our translation solutions are intended for document types relating to every stage of product development life cycle.

Quality in translation is extremely important, but within the life sciences industry, incorrect translations could literally be life threatening. We use industry-standard processes, however, we also offer flexibility for each customer to allow for their companies’ success, no matter the process.


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CSOFT Health Sciences, leaders in medical translation, provides end-to-end medical translations for all phases of the product lifecycle, from pre-clinical to post-launch. We also specialize in market access consulting, medical writing, and CTD/eCTD submissions with the FDA, EMA, and NMPA.

Our operations are certified in ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016, ensuring our customized solutions meet the rigorous regulatory requirements of global submissions.

The Power of Linguistic Expertise

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Tools we use

We use a full range of CAT tools including Trados, MemoQ, Transifex, Smartling, and WordServer and translate all document types, including .ai, .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xlx, .css, .php, .html, .xml, .mml, .txt, .mpg, .mov, .zip, .psd, and more.

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Linguists we hire

Our native in-country subject-matter experts with at least 7 years’ experience go through a rigorous certification process and are guided with customer experience surveys

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Methodologies we employ

We employ a full range of customized solutions, including translation memory, glossary and style guides, PLLP, and more.

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    For many years, CSOFT has been supporting the life science industries as they continue to grow. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality services to our clients, while making sure they have access to different policies and up-to-date information. As a medical communications company, we are taking the initiative to promote and increase awareness in the science community and to every individual.



    拉丁美洲是一个多元化的地区,有超过6.5亿人口,分布在20个不同的国家,每个国家都有自己的文化和独特的历史。对于医疗器械公司来说,拉美是一个前景广阔的市场,目前估值约为110亿美元,而且还在不断增长。在这个极其多样化的地区,巴西是其中最大的国家,约占整个拉美人口的三分之一,因此拿下巴西就获得了拉美最大的市场,利润也相对更可观。然而,在寻求巴西医疗器械监管的合规性时,医疗器械公司需要考虑哪些重要因素呢? 巴西的监管机构  巴西的监管机构是国家卫生监督局(ANVISA)。与美国的食品和药品管理局(FDA)类似,其目的是: -...

    Covid, Ebola, and Typhoid,  Oh My!: A Tale of Global Pandemics

    Covid, Ebola, and Typhoid, Oh My!: A Tale of Global Pandemics

    This article is part 1 of a mini-series focusing on the progression of global pandemics. This instalment explores the history of past pandemics and how they relate to the current COVID-19 situation. While it may seem that our current Covid self-quarantine has brought...

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    Héroes en acción

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