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CSOFT Health Sciences offers healthcare translation and healthcare interpretation solutions for hospitals in over 250 languages, with services tailored to the needs of hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, clinics, pharmacies, and nursing facilities. Our global network of certified medical translators and healthcare interpreters enables us to work around the clock to deliver crucial documents wherever they are needed and with the utmost speed and accuracy. Our methodologies and emphasis on multilingual term glossaries ensure your health-related content is consistent across all documents.

Precision and accuracy are the bedrock of the medical center industry. CSOFT Health Sciences is dedicated to delivering accurate and regulatory compliant language services to our clients and leading the transformation of healthcare for the better through this principle.

Innovation and courage drive this sector of the life science industry. Accurate translation and localization of biotechnology products and medical documents is critical not only for the product’s success in the international market, but also for patient safety. In a complex and ever-changing industry, the need for efficient, quality translation requires professional linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and advanced language technology.

CSOFT’s expert team of linguists have a minimum of seven years of experience and have extensive knowledge of the nuances of the industry. Additionally, we employ a vast team of QA testers, reviewers, publishers, and project managers with localization best practices for every translation project. We also yield  our cloud-based AI technology ecosystem, which provides a central location for biotechnology organizations to access and manage their terminology, multilingual style guides, and translation memory for a cost-effective and quick turnaround time. Furthermore, our operations are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 to ensure your biotechnology product receives the highest quality translation in over 250 languages, one medical document at a time.

CSOFT was named as one of the 8 most innovative technology companies by IDC Research – a well-renowned consulting company.


CSOFT’s proven expertise in high-quality technical translation for the life sciences industry is backed by our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system.

With CSOFT Health Sciences, you can be confident that we will work creatively with you to achieve the best results possible.
For whatever biotechnology localization and translation services you require, CSOFT Health Sciences is the perfect partner. We provide expert biotechnology translation solutions for organizations in bioengineering, biotech manufacturing, bio medical, and bio agriculture in over 250 languages.
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Biomedical Manufacturing & Biomedical Engineering Translations

The biomanufacturing and bioengineering industries are leaders in creating innovations that improve lives globally. From IVD’s to medical devices to drug therapies and treatments, the biomedical manufacturing and engineering industry is diverse in not only it’s creation, but also in its requirements to be able to succeed in the global markets. Strict regulatory laws require the translation and localization of documentation on projects, like bioreactor user manuals, eLearning courses, lab technician guidance’s, just to name a few.

CSOFT is a lead translation provider, certified in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 to ensure the highest quality translation for whatever your needs may be.

Biochemical Translations

Recently, the biochemical industry has seen an increasing amount of research and development in new treatments for diseases. To keep up with global food demands, the industry has also expanded in finding new methodologies to increase the amount of food agriculture crops yield. Both of these advancements have caused the biochemical market to prosper, and with this new growth the need for translation in order to reach the global market is necessary.

CSOFT provides end-to-end biochemical translation solutions throughout the product’s lifecycle. We have a long history of experience translating documents like standard operation procedures (SOPs), safety guides, and regulatory compliance documents in relation to vaccine development, biochemical reagents, and plant growth regulators.

If you’re looking for fast and accurate translation and localization solutions for a project related to COVID-19, learn more about our specialized CERT task force.

Learn more about our biochemical translations.

Stem Cell Research Translations

Stem cell research is the groundwork for potential new drug therapies for diseases like dementia, cancer, diabetes, and COVID-19. As a result, genetic engineering and cell biology R&D has had global pressure to innovate new treatments to help save patient’s lives globally. As companies and organizations in the industry work overtime to create life saving drugs and drug therapies, the need for translating and localizing these products to meet regulatory requirements remains at an all-time high.

CSOFT provides expert medical translation solutions for companies working in the biotech industry to help reach and save patient’s lives globally. We help support your product’s life cycle in international markets, through in-depth knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance laws and professional linguistic expertise for the highest quality translation solutions in over 250 languages.