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Legal Translations for Health Sciences

We provide life science companies with legal translation services and multilingual health law communication solutions in 250+ languages

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Legal translation services for the health sciences field aid patients, healthcare providers, and medical companies alike to advocate for their legal rights across languages, from settling disputes to protecting IP in global markets. Within the broad range of legal scenarios that may require medical translation support, healthcare law is a legal field that focuses on the healthcare industry, whether for patients, healthcare providers, or medical product companies. Specifically, health law focuses on the following types of cases:

  • Patient Rights Cases
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Health Science Acquisitions, Sales, and Mergers
  • Medical Transaction Contracts
  • Fraud Audits
  • Research Investigations (Research Fraud, Manipulating Data, Misconduct in Science)
  • Whistle Blower (qui tam) Cases

As the health sciences industry becomes increasingly global, the need for technically accurate, timely translation of health science-related legal documents such as memorandums of understanding (MoU), litigation support documents, and trademark applications is vital to ensure legal compliance and reduce legal risk. With a large team of health law subject-matter experts and a global network of over 10,000 in-country native linguists, CSOFT Health Sciences provides health science companies and individuals with a variety of legal documents in 250+ languages.

Global Legal Translation Services

Terminology Management for International Business Agreements

As the demand for life science products and services has grown overseas, conducting cross-border business is an increasingly regular aspect of operations for many life sciences companies. However, in order to facilitate overseas business, legal documents must be accurately translated with a fast turnaround time, requiring in-depth knowledge of both health science and legal terminology. CSOFT Health Sciences’ team can provide translation terminology management solutions for a wide variety of international business-related legal documents, from global partnership contracts and joint venture agreements to technology transfers and cross-border dispute resolutions. With our terminology management system, there is no misinterpretation and no confusion, just clarity.

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Multilingual IP Translation

Intellectual property (IP) describes a type of intangible creation and ideas like inventions, designs, literary/artistic work, names, symbols, and images, and IP translation is crucial to protect these creations globally. While different countries have different kinds of IPs, the general overall purpose is to encourage and incentivize economic growth by creating job opportunities, advancing technology through creative thinking, and protecting trade secrets. In the life sciences, these inventions are especially crucial, as they help advance global health, save patients’ lives, and ensure the safety of medical products. To ensure intellectual property rights (IPRs) are protected internationally, accurate and effective IP translations are critical.

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Life Science Legal Translations
Life Science Patent Translations

Multilingual Patent Translation

In today’s global economy, securing international patents in multiple jurisdictions is an important business requirement for life science companies, both for R&D and for product distribution purposes. As such, these patents must be accurately translated to achieve the same high level of protection for a company’s intellectual property in international markets as well as domestic ones. Failure to do so can lead to significant financial loss that may take years to recover from, preventing pharmaceuticalbiotechnology, and medical device companies from providing life-saving medical products across borders. With extensive industry expertise, CSOFT Health Sciences delivers high-quality medical translation and localization of life science patents worldwide.

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Clinical Trial Agreement Translations

Clinical trial agreement translations are essential for sponsors to ensure regulatory compliance at international clinical study sites. Clinical trial agreements (CTAs) are legally binding contracts used to define sponsor, site, and researcher responsibilities before a clinical trial commences and must account for project goals, financial agreements, patient safety and monitoring, publication and intellectual property (IP) terms, and more. As industry sponsors increasingly include diverse and multilingual study sites in their clinical trials, CSOFT Health Sciences provides expert CTA translations to help sponsors prioritize patient-centricity and meet clinical trial endpoints efficiently.

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AI Translation Technologies

In the domain of health sciences legal translation, the integration of advanced translation technology is of paramount importance. As legal documents are drafted, validated, and prepared for a multilingual audience, it’s essential to ensure their accuracy and context are preserved. An essential attribute in a technical translator handling IPs is proficiency with CAT (Computer-Aided Translation or Computer-Assisted Translation) tools. These tools not only bolster translation efficiency but also guarantee consistency. Leveraging tools like legal terminology management, translation memory, and AI-driven translation greatly enhances the precision of translations.

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End-to-End Communication Solutions

CSOFT Health Sciences specializes in end-to-end translation for all types of life science-related legal document types including:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Software License
  • Assignment of Partnership Interest
  • Privacy Policy
  • Annual Report
  • Merger & Acquisition Agreement
  • Business Plan
  • Trademark Application
  • Business Contract
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Terms of Use
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Business Operating Agreement
  • Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Patent Application
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Consent Letter
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Litigation Support Document
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

Quality Assurance

CSOFT Health Sciences has developed a process for quality assurance to ensure that every medical translation project meets quality standards in a cost-effective and timely manner. We are certified in ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 to ensure our customized solutions meet global regulatory requirements. Our subject matter expert linguists have at least seven years of experience and work with in-country reviewers and project style guides to meet industry standards.  CSOFT offers an online translation management ecosystem for one central location to leverage real-time translation memory and terminology management through our innovative cloud-based technology. Every step of the way, CSOFT has you covered.

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Data Security

With over 20 years of experience in medical translation, CSOFT Health Sciences understands the importance of data security to our clients, and we take nothing for granted when confidentiality is a concern. Our well-documented and fully traceable information data security policies, checklists, and quality records leverage the best practices of ISO 27001. They are designed to protect everything from source data to translations. From our 24/7/365 data monitoring and advanced encryption to our access control measures, you can be sure that your project data is safe from start to finish.

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