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In the life science industries, quality terminology management is extremely important as your glossaries play a significant role in the translation and localization process. Unlike a simple dictionary definition, a glossary is a necessary instrument for translators. It eliminates any ambiguity while dealing with your various industry or company specific terminology and phrases.

Terminology Management in the Life Sciences

Terminology management systems (TMS) provide a clear method of organizing your various glossaries and assigning a set of guidelines for the usage of terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and keywords across the entire product development cycle.
These systems create streamlined approaches for verifying your translations by establishing separate glossaries such as user interfaces or untranslatable terms.

With CSOFT, you can be confident that your brand, message, and content are received by your target audience the way you intended. No misinterpretation, no confusion – just clarity. Visit TermWiki Pro today to learn more about terminology management systems.

Translation Quality

Terminology management is extremely important in the life sciences, even outside of translation. Inconsistencies in terminology and stylistic voice of the medical documents can cause confusion as well as impact the product’s overall quality. This can lead to rounds of revisions, sacrificing time and potentially a substantial amount of money to resolve these errors. In the life sciences, this is even more pertinent, as terminology errors can lead to jeopardizing regulatory compliance as well as putting a patient’s health and safety in danger.

That is why CSOFT provides our very own, and first of its kind, terminology as a system, that allows life science organizations to effectively manage their terminology collaboratively. TermWiki Pro allows medical writers to work streamline their work for more efficiency while collaboratively managing terminology online in real time. In doing so, this creates more uniformity in branding in the global market, while also saving you time, money, and energy.

Terminology Management and Translation

Regulatory Compliance and Terminology Management

The life sciences are a highly regulated industry, with government agencies overseeing the development of medical products in practically every country. These agencies require submission of all medical documents pertaining to the medical product or clinical study, like clinical trial reports, user manuals, licensing applications, and even marketing materials. Given the amount of documents needed for submission, there are usually many different medical writers that author these documents from various demographic and geographic backgrounds, therefore the risk for using different terms is much higher

The importance of consistent and accurate terminology is vital for the medical product’s success in the market. Terminology management is an easy way for medical writers to collaborate on eCTD for regulatory submission without the fear of inconsistencies in voice and vocabulary.
Learn more about the importance of terminology management for regulatory submission from our white paper.

Our Methodology


What are the key terms you will use with your product that you need localized?


Utilize legacy terms from other versions of your product and any associated documentation and determine what it means.


Look at each term and determine how and when you should use it.


Gather all your terms together in an organized location where they can be easily accessible (software, TMS, etc.)


Translate terms or phrases into all of your target languages and verify their usage for consistency in various usages.


Share your collection with different groups that will be a part of the life cycle of your international product.