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Asia is on course to become the next hot spot for global medical device companies, as the region witnesses economic growth, increased health care spending, and robust regulatory reforms. In this white paper, part of CSOFT’s series on the global life science market and regulatory landscape, the Asian medical device market’s landscape and regulatory overview will be discussed. In particular, the medical device markets and regulatory landscapes of seven major players in the region (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and India) are closely examined, along with the critical role of Language Service Providers (LSPs) in Asia.


Ensuring Quality In A Strategic Medical Writing Partnership

We are talking about two things here – quality, and medical writing – so first let’s examine both of these terms. Quality really means different things to different people – some consider it to be a degree of excellence, while others may see it as ‘being fit for purpose’. While perfection would be desired, it is always important to balance effort against output. Hence, rather than targeting perfection, it is important to focus on what matters: those critical data points that will make all the difference.


China’s Ambitious Path Towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

In the last publication of CSOFT’s series on China’s healthcare reforms, the topic of how China’s radical regulatory makeover is shaking the entire pharmaceutical industry, both globally and domestically, was discussed. In this latest piece, another significant aspect of China’s healthcare reform will be looked at: how China is dramatically improving the accessibility and affordability of treatments, aiding to realize the country’s eventual ambition – Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


A New Era of Patient-Centricity

Patient-centricity has become one of the new catch phrases of the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, although the industry appears to have patient-centricity in its DNA, the voices of the patients can easily get lost in all the hundreds of details in the drug development process.


How To Get Ready For eCTD Submission

China is currently recognized as the world second largest pharmaceutical market. However, the regulatory policies have been very challenging for many large foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as innovative local companies.


How The NMPA Is Changing The Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry

Since 2015, the NMPA has initiated a series of reform documents, with the purpose of pushing the Chinese pharmaceutical and medical device industry to a more mature and globalized environment.


The Art of Back-Translation

Quality in translation is hugely important, but within the life sciences industry, incorrect translations can literally be life-threatening. Even the most minor mistranslations can put patients at risk, so it’s imperative that translations are performed correctly the first time.


Translation Memory 101

Your business is going global and you are naturally considering translation as a strategic investment. Now that numerous language service providers are approaching you and the better ones tell you that “translation memory” can save you time and money on your projects. You must be intrigued by the acclaimed benefits.


The Ins and Outs of Translation Memory Maintenance

Translation memory is a vital part of your business’s assets. As your business experiences change and grow, your TM will expand as well. In an ideal situation, it should continuously learn your company’s multilingual content and improve itself to provide you with efficiency, accuracy, and low costs that are necessary for successful globalization. Whereas in reality, it often collects and stores unwanted data.


"Qwality" Not Included

The ability to rate translation quality in an effective and uniform manner has long been a requirement of the industry, but is also crucial to high-risk projects such as translation for patient safety medical device labelling.