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Providing accurate and high-quality medical communication women’s health translations and localization solutions for women’s health diseases and treatments, all through women’s health translations.

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Women’s Health Translations: Localizing a Highly Complex Field for Understanding Across Languages

Women’s health translations are necessary to meet the growing demand for drugs and medical devices to treat women’s health issues globally. Specifically, women’s health is a sector of medicine that focuses specifically on the diseases and treatments that afflict women’s physical and mental health. Some examples of areas that affect women’s health are:

  • Endometriosis and benign ovarian cysts
  • Gynecology
  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • STIs
  • Sexual health
  • Breast cancer
  • Menopause
  • Hormone therapy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Ovarian and Cervical Cancer
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Heart disease (women specific)
  • Mental illness (women specific, e.,postpartum depression)
To help advance women’s health R&D, advocacy, and accessibility, accurate and professional women’s health translations are necessary; without high-quality globalization of women’s health data, certain women from populations of diverse backgrounds are excluded from research. With a global team of in-country linguists and subject matter experts, CSOFT Health Sciences provides the highest-quality and accurate medical communication solutions for international life science businesses to facilitate greater collaboration in research and treatment or medical device access for women globally. We provide localization solutions for medical professionals looking to address women’s health issues, including:
  • Patient Medical Record Translations
  • Informed Consent Form Translations
  • Healthy Lifestyle Risk Assessment Translations
  • Pap Smear Translations
  • HPV Testing Translations
  • Bone Density Screening Translations
  • Breast Cancer Screening Translations
  • Colon Cancer Screening Translations
  • Pelvic Exam Translations
  • Breast Exam Translations
  • Bone Density Screening Translations
  • STI Screening Translations

From clinical studies to examination with patients, CSOFT’s translation and interpreting support in 250+ languages allow healthcare and research organizations, practices, and government services deliver women’s health solutions across the world.

women's health translations

Translations for Clinical Trials

Accurate translation for clinical trials is critical in not only ensuring the drug therapy or medical device product’s success globally, but also in reaching women and patients of diverse backgrounds. The importance of high-quality translation, that is both time efficient and cost effective, is critical in facilitating patients receiving a life-saving drug therapy or helping them achieve a higher-quality of life.

CSOFT provides the highest-quality translation for medical documentation throughout the R&D process. With our large network of subject matter experts, and over 10,000 in-country native linguists, we understand the importance of timely, accurate translations in the life sciences.

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Software Localization

The recent popularity of online patient portals or apps has caused a major shift in patient communication between physicians and patients. With these portals facilitating greater communication between patients and their doctor and health care provider, including online payment options, messaging, medications, doctors’ visits, immunizations, allergies, lab results, educational materials, and more, the need for accurately translated patient portals to serve patients of diverse backgrounds is critical for improving the healthcare system.

CSOFT has extensive experience in translating software GUI through our localization best practices. Our subject matter experts work closely with our in-country linguists and engineer teams to virtually reproduce all software applications for life science companies.

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women's health translations
women's health translations for legal fields

Regulatory Expertise

To effectively globalize and localize research on women’s health, in-depth knowledge and understanding of local regulatory laws is crucial in the success of the medical device or treatment to market. As markets and the regulatory bodies that oversee them are constantly evolving, staying up to date in adapting submission documents is important in saving time and money for life science companies.  CSOFT provides customized regulatory consulting services for life science companies looking to expand their services’ or product’s reach with the NMPA, FDA, and EMA.

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Obstetrics Translations

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine primarily concerned with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, making obstetrics translations an essential medical communications solution for obstetricians, patients, and companies working in this field. Although slightly different from gynecology, which is specific to women’s reproductive health and sexual health rather than all aspects of pregnancy, the two branches overlap to make up the field of OB/GYN. As an obstetrician responsible for frequent patient interaction and managing high-volumes of medical documentation and digital health solutions, expanding the language coverage for all obstetrics-related content and material is essential for those working in this field. Whether it be informed consent form (ICF) translations, ultrasound manual translations, or electronic medical record (EHR) translations, CSOFT Health Sciences provides accurate and consistent obstetrics translations to help physicians enable patient-centric care and protect the well-being of patients and newborns.

With a global network of linguists and subject matter experts, we also provide translations for various different branches of medicine, including oncology translations, pediatrics translations, cardiology translations, and rare disease translations.

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Baby Care Translations

As worldwide focus on mental and physical health increases, baby care translations are an essential facet of medical localization. To access extrinsic markets, equipment such as heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, and continuous positive airway pressures along with the materials and documents required to operate and sell this equipment must be translated and localized. Documents such as birth certificates, life insurance policies, and immunization records are important to translate accurately to ensure that baby care services can be provided with the correct documentation for the newborn. CSOFT Health Sciences provides customized translation and localization solutions that we deliver worldwide with our global team of 10,000+ in-country linguists and subject matter experts. We translate and localize a full range of content, document, and material needs for medical professionals in the baby care field

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ISO-certified Academic Translations

Data Security

As an ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified company, with operations leveraging best practices of ISO 27001, CSOFT’s translation process includes in-country reviewers, utilizing either new or established style guides, and subject matter expert (SME) linguists with a minimum of 7 years of experience. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have developed mature processes for translation, editing, proofreading (TEP), as well as project management.

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Quality Assurance

Through our innovative cloud-based technology, CSOFT offers an online translation management ecosystem for one central location to leverage both translation memory as well as terminology management in real time.

Professional, high-quality localization of a health service or medical product is critical for medical translation solutions entering global markets. CSOFT understands the importance of accurate translation, which is why we have developed a process for quality assurance to ensure that any project that is translated meets quality standards in a timely manner that is also cost effective. Our advanced translation technology management system allows for translation projects to remain in one centralized location, updated in real time, to ensure that every step of the way, CSOFT has you covered. Additionally, we are certified in ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016, and our operations leverage best practices of ISO 27001 to ensure our customized solutions meet global regulatory requirements.

Learn more about our quality assurance process.

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