Informed Consent Form Translation

We provide fast and accurate translation and interpretation solutions for patient informed consent forms to help you cross linguistic barriers around the world.

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Worldwide informed consent form translation needs

Translation Solutions

Accurate translation of informed consent forms is imperative in protecting both the patient’s safety and the legal security for healthcare professionals and businesses in the life sciences. Informed consent forms that are not properly translated can result in a patient making an uninformed decision, which can lead to malpractice lawsuits. Patients that do not understand English well or at all must have accurately translated versions of these forms to ensure their full comprehension of the regulatory requirements. This also helps provide clear communication between the patient and their physician or healthcare professional regarding treatments and potential side effects for patient health and safety understanding.

Interpretation Services

While accurately translated informed patient consent forms are necessary to obtain before medical procedures, healthcare professionals must also communicate with patients about the benefits and risks of treatment options. These conversations require the expertise of qualified medical linguists to ensure accurate interpretation of any relayed information, as well as any questions or concerns between patients and physicians.

CSOFT linguists are in-country native speakers with professional experience in life science industries. Our subject matter experts can provide in-person and over the phone (OTP) interpretation solutions for your business’ needs in over 250 languages.

Digital informed consent form translation

Informed Consent Form Formatting

During translation issues such as expansion or contraction can arise. To minimize risks of patient misunderstanding, it is important for patient informed consent forms to be properly formatted after translation to ensure that the information is still presented correctly. Our expert multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) team works with a wide variety of file formats such MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, InDesign, PDF and more to meet international typographic regulation protocols. We also utilize Linguistic Validation and Terminology Management through our AI & Cloud-base solutions.

To further ensure our translation services meet the highest quality standards and strict regulatory requirements, CSOFT’s services are compliant with ISO 17100 and certified in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.