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Tools We Use

CSOFT uses a variety of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools to ensure the highest-quality translations with quick turnaround times for life science companies.

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What are Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools?

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools , also known as machine-aided human translation or machine-assisted translation, are software that enables human translators throughout the translation project, to manage, store, and edit translations. CAT tools have several main elements, such as term bases, translation memory (TM), dictionaries, and machine translation engines. For any translation project, CAT tools are useful because they can improve quality, increase productivity, enhance scalability, and reduce costs.

In the life sciences, accurate translations are essential, since even small translation errors can endanger patient lives. In addition to accuracy, some common documents such as pharmacovigilance reports are usually high-volume and require a fast turnaround for timely submission to regulatory agencies. CSOFT’s CAT tools, such as Trados, MemoQ, Transifex, Smartling, and Wordserver help CSOFT provide life science companies with accurate, scalable, and timely translation solutions for the best ROI.

Computer Assisted Translation Tools

Translation Memory

Translation Memory (TM) is one of the many CAT tools used to aid the translation and localization process by storing previously translated segments, also called strings, for linguistic consistency and accuracy, as well as reducing the time and overall cost of translation projects. With TM, CSOFT’s linguists and subject matter experts can assure high quality translations at scale by automating the application of previously standardized terminology and language. In this way, CSOFT delivers communications solutions more efficiently and with reduced turnaround times for companies with extensive content requirements.

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Computer assisted translation tools translation memory
Computer Assisted Translation Tools Term Base

Term Base

A term base is a CAT tool element that stores terminology information such as single words and its translated definition. Using terminology management solutions like term bases are important for accurate translations because it reduces the likelihood of multiple translators using different translations of the same word. In the life science sector, using varying terminology across documents, such as research protocols or package inserts and labels, could potentially endangers patients’ lives. With terminology management solutions such as TermWiki, CSOFT can help life science companies translate their documents with the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

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Accurate Translation for All Medical Documentation

In the health sciences sector, accuracy and clarity are essential for regulatory compliance and consumer safety. Whether its CTD/ECTD submissionpharmacovigilance reports, such as DSURs, SUSARS, SAEs, Ars, and AEs, or clinical study and patient recruitment documentation, accurate and professional translation in a timely manner is crucial for effective safety reporting, regulatory compliance, and clinical research. CSOFT’s CAT tools enables our expert linguists to provide the highest-quality translation solutions for all types of healthcare documentation in over 250 languages.

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Accurate computer assisted translation tools

File Types We Translate

Accurate Translation for All Medical Documentation

  • Adobe Illustrator Artwork (.ai)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)(.pdf)
  • Powerpoint (.ppt)
  • Excel (.xlx)
  • Cascading Style Sheet (.css)
  • PHP Source Code (.php)
  • HTML (.html)
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML)(.xml)
  • Adobe Maker Mark Up (MML) (.mml)
  • Text file (.txt)
  • MPEG Video File (.mpg)
  • Quicktime File Format (.mov)
  • ZIP (.zip)
  • Photoshop Document (.psd)

Quality Assurance

Through our innovative cloud-based technology, CSOFT offers an online translation management ecosystem for one central location to leverage both translation memory as well as terminology management in real time.

Professional, high-quality localization of a health service or medical product is critical for medical translation solutions entering global markets. CSOFT understands the importance of accurate translation, which is why we have developed a process for quality assurance to ensure that any project that is translated meets quality standards in a timely manner that is also cost effective. Our advanced translation technology management system allows for translation projects to remain in one centralized location, updated in real time, to ensure that every step of the way, CSOFT has you covered. Additionally, we are certified in  ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016, and our operations leverage best practices of ISO 27001 to ensure our customized solutions meet global regulatory requirements.

Learn more about our quality assurance process.

High Quality Academic Translations
ISO-certified Academic Translations

Data Security

As an ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified company, with operations leveraging best practices of ISO 27001, CSOFT’s translation process includes in-country reviewers, utilizing either new or established style guides, and subject matter expert (SME) linguists with a minimum of 7 years of experience. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have developed mature processes for translation, editing, proofreading (TEP), as well as project management.

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