We help leading global medical conferences like DIA and MedTech reach across language barriers
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With experience providing interpretation for both DIA and MedTech, CSOFT brings an expertise in clinical studies, drug development, regulatory affairs, and medical device development to our linguistic services for medical conferences. Pharmaceutical and medical technology industry leaders rely on these conferences to build relationships and conduct seminars on global healthcare issues, and CSOFT assists them in crossing language barriers to access.

Simultaneous translation for any language pair

Medical conferences provide a vital informational infrastructure for stakeholders in healthcare markets across the globe. With a global network of 10,000+ linguists in more than 250 languages, CSOFT works to deliver simultaneous translations services on demand, wherever they are needed.

Our linguists excel at delivering accurate, real-time interpretation for subject matter areas including:

  • Regulatory affairs
  • Hot topics in healthcare
  • Popular markets
  • Current events
  • New innovations
At the booth and beyond: medical conference interpreting is essential.

More Interpretation Services at CSOFT

CSOFT offers customizable, industry-standard interpretation services for all facets of the life sciences industry.

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