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LocWorld35 Silicon Valley kicked off yesterday with the preconference program, the main conference takes place today and tomorrow (November 2nd-3rd). This leading conference in the language and localization industry allows professionals to come together to share and collaborate on the issues, trends, and challenges in this changing business climate.

LocWorld35 – Continuous Delivery

The theme for this year’s conference in the Silicon Valley, tackles the challenges that todays digital economy has created. Aptly titled “Continuous Delivery”, we are living in an extreme information age. Consumer expectations for speed and quality are at the forefront of current business strategies, leaving localization experts with a challenge. How is the best way to incorporate web and mobile based technologies to achieve this “Continuous Delivery” ideal?

LocWorld35 Keynote speaker, Erica Orange, plans to look at the future of the language industry. Changes and trends in language, as well as technology, all play a vital role in developing strategies for the future. Erica Orange is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters. This consulting firm, helps businesses evaluate and identify industry trends. Check out the quick question and answer session about the localization industry.

Challenge Accepted

The language industry, as with others, is to the point where it needs to catch up with global business expectations for instant deliverability. At CSOFT, we have met this challenge head on. Stepes introduces its translation platform for 30 Minute, One Hour, 24 Hour, and Live Language Services to meet our customers’ ever-growing demands. Real time translation services are not only possible given today’s online and mobile technologies, but increasingly necessary for companies to compete globally.

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