Stepes Mobile TranslationTranslations for life sciences continues to grow in demand year after year. What separates it from other subjects in the translation ecosystem is the highly technical expertise that is required. With so many levels of translation needed, cost savings is often an issue. A Stepes blog article touches on this, introducing to us the solution of the mobile translation app and its invaluable and cost-effective usage in this field.

To demonstrate this in a real user perspective envision this: You find yourself speaking with a patient, and there is a communication barrier. In smaller, rural, or community based projects, an interpreter, often used in this scenario, is not always available. Luckily with todays technology, online machine-based translations can be easily accessed.

Machine Translation

A great article by NCIB outlines using machine translation in clinical practice. The article describes how clinicians may use machine translation as cautionary advice, knowing that machine translations will still lack some of the cultural nuances of language. However, using machine translation as medical advice without appropriate post-editing is a risky proposition for all involved.

Stepes Mobile Translation

The exciting thing about the Stepes app is that it can take this even one step further. With Stepes One-on-One, you can instantly get human translation help anywhere and anytime, all from your smartphone. While the risk of misunderstanding is still present with a language barrier, a user can have confidence that a subject matter expert is involved in the process. Subject matter expertise is particularly vital for the life sciences because of the need for precision and technical knowledge. Quality translation is imperative in every industry. However, in the life sciences a small mistake can result in grave injury to others, as well as possibly millions of dollars in damages.

For more information about mobile translation with Stepes One-on-One, visit our site today. You can learn how to get instant human translation help anywhere and anytime, all from your smartphone.