In such a turbulent year, cross-border cooperation pertaining to global health has never been more important. Last week, CSOFT supported panel discussions at the Shenzhen 2020 International BioTech and Health Expo, with CSOFT CEO Shunee Yee joining speakers from key positions in the life sciences industry for an exciting discussion broadcasted to audiences worldwide. During the event, the panelists shared their first-hand insights and valuable international experiences facilitating cross-border cooperation within their work.   

The panel brought together biomedical researchers, educators, pharmaceutical industry leaders, and cross-cultural communication experts to participate in a first-ever hybrid online and offline platform to discuss the theme of, “Rising to meet cross-border opportunities and cross-cultural challenges”. The excitement generated around an internationally respected panel attracted over 600 in-person and online attendees. The vast number of  attendees highlights the need for industry leaders to call upon more cross-border collaboration within the space, particularly at events.  

There is a Chinese concept called, 缘分 (yuán fèn). Although commonly translated as ‘fateful coincidence’ in English, the concept extends far beyond luck. Yuan fen alludes that relationships and interactions between people within society are fatefully predetermined. This concept is exemplified through the panelists Dr. Chenjian Li (Peking University), Dr. George King (Harvard Medical School, Joslin Diabetes Center), Professor Victoria Elegant (Amgen), Dr. Yong Ben (BeiGene), Patrick Bennett (PPD) and Ms. Shunee Yee (CSOFT), who, while located across various regions in North America and Asia, came together to bring attention to the validity of the essential theme. During these unprecedented times, however, one aspect remains certain: events featuring multinational panelists, multicultural audiences, and international examples of cross-border collaboration within the space should become more ubiquitous to engage and enhance our global community’s overall health.   

The invaluable insights given by the panelists will inspire future cross-border developments in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry around the world. Such a successful outcome was made possible by the cross-cultural cooperation and communication among all involved. From IT efforts to bilingual script writing, rehearsals and panelist preparations, all parties pursued multilateral efforts to coordinate the event at all hours of the day. Regardless of roles or country locations however, all were driven under one unifying reality: global health impacts everyone and we must work together to advance international solutions.  
CSOFT’s work is intrinsically global – stretching across borders and showcasing the power of communication solutions to mitigate cultural differences. This is particularly true in the context of the health and life sciences industry. Serving various sectors, CSOFT’s global network of 10,000 linguists and subject matter experts excel at delivering medical translations in over 250 languages. By providing localization services, CSOFT ensures accurate and consistent content for all life science companies.