A new age of patient centricity has dawned, and the need for remote patient engagement and remote devices has become more crucial than ever. From being able to remotely visit COVID-19 patients, to continuously tracking patients participating in clinical trials, remote technology helps create safe distance between caregiver and patient, and increases the geographic reach of medical care.

Remote medical technology takes various forms, two of the most crucial in light of COVID-19 being medical devices and virtual patient communication portals. CRO company KCR recently launched Curandus, a downloadable and desktop-enabled app, which performs as a full service ‘personal banking’ style platform that enables remote patient recruitment, observation, and comfort management. Patients participating in clinical trials around the globe can connect with a central clinical trial coordinator in 10 different languages for a full range of services. Customized questionnaires can be asked and answered, and important health information can be monitored, potentially including crucial COVID-19 symptom-tracking as well.

The Phrazer-Kitsune Digital Patient Engagement system appears as a portable, hand-held television screen with comfortable handles to grip and a tough looking, hospital-worthy plastic exterior that can stand up on a patient’s table tray or be held comfortably. The device provides a range of virtual communications (including video chat) as well as some entertainment for patients. Remarkably, the device also offers asynchronous and synchronous language and culture services that engage patients with services that match the patient’s race, gender and background, ‘for a reliable, respectful experience.’ The live eLearning courses, live patient visits and real-time symptom observation are complemented by a robust virtual resource library, including entertainment like movies and games. This system allows for self-reporting of patient history and symptoms – a large benefit during these pandemic times where social-distancing and reducing contact-risk between patients and caregivers are so important.

These medical technologies are at the cutting edge of patient engagement in a new era of remote patient centricity. While taking care of those who are ill or monitoring those who are taking part in clinical trials can cause complex issues to arise during a time of social distancing, the continued innovation of remote communication allows the life sciences to continue to improve patient’s lives globally. In order to reach people of different cultures, backgrounds, ages and education, catering to the specific needs of the patient requires deep information to make patient engagement comfortable and efficient. Enabling digital communication with linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity is crucial in advancing medical care and understanding for the entire global population.

With expert medical translation and professional linguistic validation services, products such as these can reach the patient as efficiently and comfortably as possible, as well as expand the digital range of clinical outcome assessments (COA) and other, more pressing clinical data in light of COVID-19. Read more here on how CSOFT provides crucial life science translation and linguistic validation services to online, e-learning, device documentation and other medical needs, so that patients and medical companies can benefit from the remote patient-centric engagement they need in this time when remote engagement is more important than ever.

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