While reading about medical translation challenges in the life science sector I began reviewing the STEPES blog from the past year. As we all know the life science industry is increasingly globalized and with that is an intricate translation process.

In this digital era, individuals possess a new advantage of having immeasurable sources of information at their fingertips. From access to research and information to internet how-to’s, we are more globally connected than ever before.

In the translation industry, there is an ever-growing use of internet-based translation tools. While helpful, the one thing that they lack is comprehensive, consistent, technical translations. While I could easily use machine translation or alternative tools to help read a menu while working in a foreign country, would I trust it to translate a dosing guideline on medication were I to fall ill while I was there?  Not a chance.

So where does that leave us when we need the precision and quality that life science translations require but in a timely manner which is cost-effective and accessible at a moment’s notice?

This is where STEPES rises to the occasion, a mobile translation app that can connect individuals in real-time, with subject matter and linguistic specialists. Mobile medical translation is a game-changing solution the localization industry requires. STEPES allows buyers to send translation requests instantly and then immediately have their translations completed anywhere and anytime, all from their smartphone. The blog post “Mobile Translation meets language quality for life sciences” is worth reading through to see how the STEPES app can help you in today’s global market.

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