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Plexision, a biotechnology company, which provides personalized diagnostic testing services for organ transplant patients has completed development of a six-hour blood test to predict organ transplant rejection – PlexAPR™. When combined with other clinical and laboratory information, rapid rejection-risk assessment can allow caregivers to intervene early, while arranging confirmatory biopsies, or during lifelong surveillance of organ health.

PlexAPR™ is based on the presentation of donor antigen by circulating antigen presenting cells, such as B-cells. The test readout is a personalized index, only applicable to the patient being tested. Patient samples will be tested at the company’s CLIA- and CAP-accredited reference laboratory in Pittsburgh. Roughly 40,000 patients receive solid organ transplants each year in the US. A limited number of drugs are available to prevent organ rejection. Rapid non-invasive surveillance of organ health provided by Plexision can improve survival and quality of life after transplantation.

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