Ipsen, a global pharma company, and IRLAB, a Swedish research and development business, have entered an exclusive licensing agreement for Ipsen to commercialize mesdopetam, a dopamine D-3 receptor antagonist taken orally to improve the quality of life for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Currently, mesdopetam is in Phase IIb clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of its use for Parkinson’s patients living with levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID). Executive VP and Head of R&D of Ipsen, Dr. Howard Mayer, stated, “We are excited to enter this licensing agreement with IRLAB. By working in partnership, we aim to bring investigational mesdopetam to people living with Parkinson’s disease experiencing levodopa-induced dyskinesia. We are delighted to strengthen our pipeline and deepen our commitment to the neuroscience community around the world, including to patients living with this debilitating neurodegenerative disorder.”

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