Genematrix, known for their real-time PCR based molecular diagnostics, have announced that NeoPlex HPV29 Detection has gained European Medical Device Certification (CE-IVD). Designed to simultaneously diagnose 29 genotypes of human papillomavirus (HPV – a key indicator of cervical cancer) and detect the virus genotype to ascertain the cervical cancer risk. Characterized by its ability to detect 29 HPV genotypes, including high-risk HPV groups, the ‘NeoPlex™ HPV29 Detection’ kit enables real-time access to results quickly and easily. Cervical cancer is the fourth highest cancer in terms of prevalence globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).Genematrix is the leading biotechnology company in South Korea which specializes in COVID-19 multiplex molecular diagnostic products, respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and gastrointestinal tract infections.

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