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Last week we shared a brief teaser for the CSOFT Summer Soiree and its centerpiece game, The Shape of Things to Come, where we’ll be asking our guests to submit a prediction about what will occur in the next six years, be it for the Health Sciences or another industry. Today, we have another brief preview, a short film entitled “Henry’s Dream.” It’s about a young employee who falls asleep at his desk following a meeting in which he finds out about the CSOFT Soiree and envisions the far-off future in which our time capsule is opened.

Watch it here!


Those with eyes for detail will notice that we’ve repurposed some of the classic Alexander Korda film Things to Come to realize our vision of this “future” in this film. We did so to pay homage to the inspiration it gave us for the game. Korda, alongside author H.G. Wells, envisioned a bright and bizarre future that served as fertile soil for a generation’s imagination, and we’re hoping that it inspires you, too.

The CSOFT Summer Soiree will happen on June 27. That week, we’ll also be exhibiting at the DIA Annual Global Meeting in our home city of Boston. Interested attendees can stop by and say hello to all of us at Booth #317. Even if you can’t make it to either event, our global network of in-country linguists and translation experts provides many services to assist you in solving any communication problem.