Medtronic plc has announced the launch of the NuVent™ Eustachian tube dilation balloon, which has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating chronic, obstructive Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. The NuVent™ balloon serves as an alternative treatment to nasal sprays and oral medication and enables practitioners to treat Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in an outpatient or office setting. The device’s flexible balloon section allows for customized placement based on patient anatomy. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction occurs when the Eustachian tube, which links the back of the nose to the middle ear, fails to open or close properly, resulting in the tube unable to perform its primary functions. This may lead to pain, hearing difficulty, and/or a feeling of fullness in the ears, and if not treated, may also result in damage to the middle ear and eardrum. Medtronic is a global healthcare technology company that develops and manufactures medical devices, technologies, and therapies.

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