CSOFT Health Sciences Co-Organizes Cross-border Communications Panel at Shenzhen Health Expo, Previewing December Workshops

CSOFT Health Sciences Co-Organizes Cross-border Communications Panel at Shenzhen Health Expo, Previewing December Workshops

11/25/2020 – In a year that is highlighting the crucial importance of cooperation in the life sciences, CSOFT has succeeded once more in accessing opportunities for growth and engagement across borders at the Shenzhen 2020 International BioTech and Health Expo. Surmounting global travel limitations by helping to coordinate a digital component to the convention, CSOFT’s CEO Shunee Yee joined a group of experts from leading pharmaceutical companiess, CROs, and research institutions for an opening panel discussion last Friday, November 20thbringing valuable insight to an audience of hundreds in Shenzhen and worldwide thanks to CSOFT’s support broadcasting the live event.  

Greeting attendees from the big screen in Shenzhen, moderator Dr. C.J. Li (Peking University) opened the panel with an appeal to the vital importance of ensuring the flow of regional data, knowledge, and treatments to the areas of the global healthcare market where they are needed most urgently. Panelist Dr. George King (Harvard Medical School, Joslin Diabetes Center) added to this theme from his own work addressing the prevalence of diabetes in the Asian American population, indicating an area where overseas data and treatments may be currently underutilizedDr. Victoria Elegant (AMGEN) contributed valuable insights from her experience leading regulatory affairs in the JAPAC region, joining fellow panelists Dr. Ben Yong (BeiGene) and Patrick Bennet (PPD) in their contributions from companies actively bridging the APAC and North American pharmaceutical markets to drive solutions for patients. CSOFT’s Shunee Yee delivered unifying remarks on the importance of communications and language services across the pharmaceutical value chain, emphasizing the growing prevalence of international clinical trials.      

The online display during the virtual event

Dr. Chenjian Li (top lefthand corner), moderating the virtual event with the panelists: Dr. Victoria Elegeant (top righthand corner), Ms. Shunee Yee (middle left), Dr. George L. King (middle), Mr. Patrick Bennett (middle right), Dr. Yong Ben (bottom left), with hosts Aaron Liu (top middle) interviewing an audience member, with the two online hosts Samuel Olson (bottom middle), and Brigid Delany (bottom righthand corner).

With a live virtual audience alongside the group hosted in person by Ada Xu and CSOFT’s Aaron Liu, online hosts Brigid Delaney and Sam Olson concluded the panel by relaying questions from viewers participating in the conference remotely, demonstrating a truly cross-border communication model in action.  

Building on themes from the panel, CSOFT will offer a series of targeted online workshops during the second week of December, bringing detailed focus to topics including how to build brand visibility in the global healthcare market and the importance of patient-centric medical communications. In highlighting these crucial but often overlooked elements of the medical product lifecycle, CSOFT hopes to help drive cross-border engagement for startups and young biopharmaceutical enterprises seeking growth in global markets.  


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November 25, 2020