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Medical Translation Resources

Case Studies

Explore our case studies on how we help companies overcoming obstacles and address industry challenges.

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Xtalks Webinar: 'Localizing' Remote Digital Clinical Trials: Ensuring the 'Patient Connect'

Shunee Yee and Nimita Limaye represent CSOFT at an Xtalks webinar to discuss Virtual Clinical Trials and what it means for localization.


Product Corrective Action Letter Localization

Our client found that their Language Service Provider’s (LSP) response and turnaround times occasionally skirted project deadlines, so they were understandably concerned about the potential losses that could be incurred in the event of a missed FDA Form 483 deadline.


Meeting Global Guidelines in New Markets

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to extend its use of MedDRA and contracted CSOFT Health Sciences to supply the entire translation into Simplified Chinese, providing updates for six other languages as well.


4 Million Words in 8 Weeks

As companies and intellectual property are bought and sold across borders, technical accuracy is of paramount importance and can be extremely complicated when the two companies involved in such exchanges operate in different languages.


Creating Market Savvy Manuals for Western Audiences

Our team helps Huawei create positive brand experiences through effective English technical and marketing communications across a wide variety of products and services.


Achieving Higher Audience Engagement through the Art of Transcreation

BAIC realized that, in order to ensure culturally appropriate messaging and optics, they would have to go beyond conventional translation.