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HealthFirst 100

For many years, CSOFT has been supporting the life science industries as they continue to grow. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality services to our clients, while making sure they have access to different policies and up-to-date information. As a medical communications company, we are taking the initiative to promote and increase awareness in the science community and to every individual.

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Health Blogs

CSOFT’s Health Blog aims to provide a better understanding of complex diseases, regulatory policies, and health-related news updates all over the world, from conducting experiments to introducing new type of drugs into the market.

Regulatory News

A compilation of CSOFT’s Regulatory News, updated daily. These updates range from ongoing clinical trials and disease prevention to the release of new drugs and different healthcare policies.

White Papers & Case Studies

A knowledge vault with insightful reports and real case studies intended to overcome industry obstacles and challenges.


CSOFT Health Science’s articles provide thought leadership on various topics in the life science sector from around the world, including current events, regulatory updates, industry insights, and more.