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Video remote interpretation is a form of telecommunication that combines the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation with the benefits of in-person interpretation for body language and facial expressions. COVID-19 has caused much of the world to shift to a virtual setting, making medical video interpretation more popular and increasingly important in the healthcare industry. As digital health solutions continue to gain traction in the life sciences, the importance of utilizing experienced, professional medical translators and interpreters is crucial not only for ensuring the highest-quality communication solutions, but also for a quicker turnaround time that is cost-effective.

CSOFT has an extensive network of experienced medical interpreters that provide on-demand, high-quality video remote interpretation services for life science companies in over 100 languages. We specialize in effectively and accurately engaging and informing patients, so that not only are they enabled to make informed decisions about their health and treatment options, but also to comply with local regulatory laws.

Why Video Interpretation?

Medical interpretation is necessary for healthcare professionals and research organizations when communicating with patients that do not speak English. Medical interpreters have in-depth experience in the industry, as well as understand the patient’s cultural nuances and language, therefore enabling patients to make informed decisions in regards to their health and safety. Remote interpretation solutions, like video remote interpretation, give medical professionals options for a wide variety of professional linguists from all over the world, guaranteeing their expertise not only in subject matter but also in-depth and real understanding of the target language’s culture. Moreover, video remote interpretation services are more cost effective than traditional in-person interpretation services, enable greater flexibility in scheduling, and allow for a faster turnaround time.

CSOFT provides expert video remote interpretation solutions for medical professionals and organizations. Our advanced AI technology platform provides a way for those in need of medical interpretation services to quickly connect with professional medical interpreters, without the usual hassle of scheduling. In addition, our technological platform utilizes location-based services (LBS), ensuring that the interpreter you are matched with is an expert not only in medical translations and terminology, but also in culture, all for a better ROI.

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