Healthcare Translation For Hospitals

Providing innovative multilingual communications for healthcare professionals and clinics worldwide.

CSOFT Health Sciences offers healthcare translation and healthcare interpretation solutions for hospitals in over 250 languages, with services tailored to the needs of hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, clinics, pharmacies, and nursing facilities. Our global network of certified medical translators and healthcare interpreters enables us to work around the clock to deliver crucial documents wherever they are needed and with the utmost speed and accuracy. Our methodologies and emphasis on multilingual term glossaries ensure your health-related content is consistent across all documents.

Precision and accuracy are the bedrock of the medical center industry. CSOFT Health Sciences is dedicated to delivering accurate and regulatory compliant language services to our clients and leading the transformation of healthcare for the better through this principle.

CSOFT’s proven expertise in high-quality technical translation for the life sciences industry is backed by our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system.

With CSOFT Health Sciences, you can rest assured that we will work collaboratively with you to not only meet your language needs but exceed them.
Whether you require localization services for informed consent documents, research papers, patient documents, or medical devices, CSOFT Health Sciences is there to deliver with support for all document formats.
  • Health form translations
  • Digital healthcare translations
  • Multilingual telehealth translations
  • Health care directive translations
  • Health insurance translations